Friday, October 15, 2010

GT: LOL Books

My favorite books that makes me laugh my lungs out is actually not a fiction book, but it's a compilation book of comics such as Pugad Baboy and Beerkada.  I first read them in magazines but when they started to compile their works in a book, I actually became addicted to them, I even buy them since they just cost a little over a hundred peso each.  I even stop by Powerbooks in my freetime and pick a comic book and read it inside the shop...and I even hear myself chuckling over the funny stories in it! 

Between the two, I laugh at Beerkada punchlines better, probably because I could relate with most of the topics, since I was a UP student when I was in college.  I also like Pugad Baboy because it emphasizes more on the current situation of our country.

Hey, it's been a long while since I read something funny...maybe it's time to visit Powerbooks again to either buy or read funny comic books!

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  1. I love Pugad Baboy, too! Have a great weekend! I was actually looking for your Mommy Moments' entry, but I could not find it here.

  2. Hi there! I found you on the monday blog hop!! I'm your newest follower!! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at

  3. Hehe.. My entry is also Pugad Baboy and one other book.. Nakakatuwa talaga ang Pugad Baboy.. Hilarious. =))