Thursday, September 30, 2010

GT: Pink Gift-- Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom

I've been waiting for this moment of posting anything PINK on GT because pink is my favorite color! I'm sharing with you my hubby's Valentine gift for me last February of this year.  He actually surprised me with two cute blouses and Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and perfume!  The Japanese Cherry Blossom was a new fragnance of Body Shop back then and when I smelled its fragnance for the first time, I promised myself to purchase it (I didn't have the power to spend kikay things back then because I was not an earning housewife).  That's why I was so thankful for my husband when he bought a set for me (and now, I guess I would have to buy a new set because they're already empty.  And this time, since I'm already working, I can already buy them with my own moolah.  But I still don't give up hope that my husband would again surprise me with something pink again---hmmm, another set of Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom maybe?

The Body Shop items (Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and perfume) were from my husband.  The gift cheque from The Spa was from my sister-in-law.  The ticket were for Percy Jackson movie at Alabang Town Center (my husband and I watched it---it's our Valentine date).  The rose was from the Ayala Alabang Valentine's dance party which was held the night before Valentines.

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and blogging!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ABC Wednesday: KISS ME!


I love this song because whenever I hear it, it makes me giggle, making me feel really inlove.  It's also one of the songs that I like to play in guitar.  I'm posting this for the ABC Wednesday meme.  I hope you guys would also feel inlove while listening to this music! :)

Happy ABC Wednesday reading and blogging! :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: Just woke up!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Two weeks ago, the photo I submitted an entry for this meme was the one when both my daughter and I were sleeping (click here to read the article about it, entitled, Mommy and Me Monday: Shhhh....).  Now, I'm sharing to you a photo of us after our peaceful sleep the next morning. 

We woke up happy and thankful for another fun-filled day!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Whale Exhibition

Scenic Sunday

A whale exhibition at Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines.  My hubby took this photo 2 years ago when we visited it.  I can't wait to visit Subic again! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GT: Scary in Blackness

Before you read: Make sure you're brave enough to look at this photo, and your eyes open enough to see through the darkness. 

This is true.  I took this photo in the blackness of the night, no lamp posts and cars passing by.  And there was no one around, that's for sure (except for me and my colleagues who were not far away from me.  For more of my own experience of this photo, read my article about it on my other blog, A Family Tale.  The article is entitled, Scary Photo (On the way to Baguio City).

Get ready to feel goosebumps on your skin....

Advance Happy Halloween!!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ABC Wednesday: J is for my Jeffrey... :)

J is for my husband...Jeffrey

Watching Toy Story 3 in 3D at IMAX, Mall of Asia

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Fill-ins 192

1. Family bonding is very important.

2. One of my weakness is forgetting things so I usually have to go back and forth.

3. I love a looong relaxing weekend.

4. Sinigang on a rainy day makes a good meal.

5. I've got the best parents in the world...coz they are taking care of my daughter right now while I'm blogging! teheeee! :D
6. news lately about abortion and abandoning babies: wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to travel to my parent's house in Laguna, tomorrow my plans include relaxing and blogging and Sunday, I want to play my FB Restaurant City game application!

Happy Friday Fill-ins meme reading and blogging! :)

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GT: Green! Green! Green!

Green time!  Hehe.  Green is my hubby's favorite color.  That's why we considered it as part of our motiff during our wedding (along with my favorite color, pink.  But that's for the next GT topic). 

A shot of our wedding cake during reception

More green!  My dad is already retired from work and is now spending his time in planting a small Farmville in their backyard in Los Banos, Laguna.  Check out his plants in the photos below:

The Mango Tree

My father's vine veggies

Green leafy Petchays!

I can't wait for the PINK topic for GT! Hehe. :)  Happy Girls' Talk meme reading and blogging!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Describe Me! #3 & ABC Wednesday: The Ice Cream Personality Test (Sept 18)

I'm doing this post for Describe Me! entry a little early because I may not be able to surf on the internet on weekend because my family's going to my parents' house to visit them.  I will also make this post as my entry for ABC Wednesday because it's the letter "I" word--- and my "I" will all be about ICE CREAM!!!!

Check The Ice Cream Personality Test at Blogthings and share your Ice Cream personality with us by posting your answer in your blog site.  Don't forget to put the Describe Me! Badge and enter your link in the Linky tool below.  Sites added in the Linky tool will be added to the Links List of this site, Vhanzspace.  Linky Tool is open for month, so that other bloggers who would read this post in the future may also join.

Happy Describe Me! meme blogging! :)


My ICE CREAM Personality

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are a bit of a bragger. Your personality is larger than life - and you really enjoy showing off.

You are incredibly cautious. You rather miss out on something than make a mistake. No one would ever call you wild... but they would call you responsible.

You are a somewhat open minded person, but deep down you're fairly conservative. You don't like trying new things very much. And if you do find something new you like, you stick with it.

You tend to have a one track mind. You prefer not to multitask.

You can be a big dramatic and over the top sometimes. You are bold in every way

Also my entry to: ABC Wednesday:

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mommy Moments & ABC Wednesday: Hyper Wacker Toddler

mommy moments

A little late for both memes but I still have time to enter my post to their Linky's!  The photo below shows my Hyper Wacky Baby with her grandpa....

My baby's happy to visit her grannies at Los Banos, Laguna! :)

Happy Mommy Moments and ABC Wednesday meme reading and blogging!

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Scenic Sunday & Mellow Yellow Monday: Minesview Park

MellowYellowMondayBadgeScenic Sunday

The photo below is a shot from Minesview Park.  This place is a well-known tourist spot in Baguio City, Philippines.  It is where you could get to see the scenic mountains of Benguet.  It is here where you can also get a chance to get dressed as an Igorot (a tribal group in the Northern Philippines) and take a picture with the actual Igorots.  Lots of souvenirs and food pasalubongs can also be bought here in affordable prices.

For my out-of-town story regarding Baguio City, please read Reminscing the Past: Baguio Escapade at my mommy blog, A Family Tale (

Happy Scenic Sunday and Mellow Yellow Monday meme reading and blogging! :)

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Describe Me!: The Homebody Test

It's Describe Me! meme time once again. This is the 2nd Describe Me! meme and I hope that more bloggers would join. The new topic is The Homebody Test from Blogthings. It would describe your home and family. Find out yours and copy the HTML code of your answer and share it in your blog sites. Don't forget to paste the badge with your post and link it with the Linky Tool below. :)


Your Home is Lively

Whether you live by yourself or with many other people, your home is always buzzing with activity.

You are likely to have water boiling for tea or a fire burning in the fireplace.

You live in every area of your home, and you really savor your time there.

You could never feel at home in an empty or quiet house. A home should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Happy Describe Me! meme reading and blogging! :)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

GT: Purple on the Pre-Nup

The photographer of our Pre-Nuptial photos said that we could bring 3 sets of clothes for the pictorial.  The first set that we wore was the color of our wedding motiff-- I wore something pink, he wore something green.  The second set we wore was the imported black T-shirt he bought in Singapore which has a LOVE name on it (his has "LO" on it while I have the "VE" on when we walk together, the shirts would spell LOVE on it).  The third set we wore was something formal...and we weren't quite sure if it was appropriate because the venue was at La Mesa Ecopark.  But the shots were great.  Sharing to you some of our Pre-Nuptial photos in a formal dress with a nature background.  P.S.  I wore a purple long dress which my mother-in-law lent to me.

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and bloggiing! :)

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GT: The Baby Red Santa

I don't know if it's appropriate to post this super red photo for first GT's topic for September....  I isn't yet Christmas!  But somehow, I thought that since it's already the "BER" month, and some of the radios start to play Christmas songs, maybe this photo would make us feel that the ever-waited Holiday is fast approaching!

It's a baby Santa photo.  It's actually a photo of my baby daughter, who was 5 months old back then (that was December of 2009).  The Santa costume was c/o my sister-in-law (and her godparent).  We were all very excited to take a picture of her in this suit. And even though we all know that she was feeling hot in the costume (it was on her in a few minutes, just for the picture taking purposes), I guess, with at the smile on hr face, she still enjoyed being the cutie baby Santa.  She enjoyed her first Christmas in this world.  And she's probably looking forward for the next one (me too!).  However, for now, we're searching for a perfect Halloween costume for her. Tehhhee! :D

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and blogging! :)

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