Thursday, September 23, 2010

GT: Scary in Blackness

Before you read: Make sure you're brave enough to look at this photo, and your eyes open enough to see through the darkness. 

This is true.  I took this photo in the blackness of the night, no lamp posts and cars passing by.  And there was no one around, that's for sure (except for me and my colleagues who were not far away from me.  For more of my own experience of this photo, read my article about it on my other blog, A Family Tale.  The article is entitled, Scary Photo (On the way to Baguio City).

Get ready to feel goosebumps on your skin....

Advance Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. parang sea horse... heheh... oo nga...pero sa picture lang to nagappear.. hindi sa tabi nyo... hay ayaw ko magpicture sa katakot..

    my GT at Woman’s elan vital

  2. Waaaaaah, Vaneni! Takot tuloy ako....:-)

  3. Heheee... sabi nila parang baby sa loob ng womb ang nakikita nila sa photo. Yung iba naman nakikita yung shadow ng lalaki.... Super scared nga kami nung nakita namin yun sa digicam that night. Imagine nasa paanan kami ng Marcos Highway nun and bigla kaming nasiraan ng sasakyan, walang ilaw sa paligid. Grabeng experience!

  4. parang kalawit ni Kamatayan, hehehe.. ako rin ayaw kong nagpipicture na wala akogn subject, baka mamaya makita ko kapag tiningnan ko eh moomoo, wahhhh!!! hehehe..

  5. is it real or reel? Just kidding...I do believe in ghost that they exist..

    Anyway here's mine for this week's theme...

    Have a nice day!

  6. ayus. dito talaga sa baguio madaming mumu. hihi. ahay. lapit na nga pala halloween no :)

  7. still feeling scared when looking that photo for the nth time. Hehe. Thanks for all your comments! :)