Thursday, September 30, 2010

GT: Pink Gift-- Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom

I've been waiting for this moment of posting anything PINK on GT because pink is my favorite color! I'm sharing with you my hubby's Valentine gift for me last February of this year.  He actually surprised me with two cute blouses and Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and perfume!  The Japanese Cherry Blossom was a new fragnance of Body Shop back then and when I smelled its fragnance for the first time, I promised myself to purchase it (I didn't have the power to spend kikay things back then because I was not an earning housewife).  That's why I was so thankful for my husband when he bought a set for me (and now, I guess I would have to buy a new set because they're already empty.  And this time, since I'm already working, I can already buy them with my own moolah.  But I still don't give up hope that my husband would again surprise me with something pink again---hmmm, another set of Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom maybe?

The Body Shop items (Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and perfume) were from my husband.  The gift cheque from The Spa was from my sister-in-law.  The ticket were for Percy Jackson movie at Alabang Town Center (my husband and I watched it---it's our Valentine date).  The rose was from the Ayala Alabang Valentine's dance party which was held the night before Valentines.

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and blogging!

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  1. Hi sis, sorry for my late visit. I like your pink stuff. I haven't tried Body shop lotions but the cherry blossom scent is attractive.

    My Pink Girl's Talk here

  2. soo sweet of your husband! and good for you, too, now that you can buy stuff for yourself! nice :)

  3. love cherry blossoms, especially those ones you can buy at bath and body works!

    Anyway, here's mine!!


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