Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GT: The Baby Red Santa

I don't know if it's appropriate to post this super red photo for first GT's topic for September....  I mean...it isn't yet Christmas!  But somehow, I thought that since it's already the "BER" month, and some of the radios start to play Christmas songs, maybe this photo would make us feel that the ever-waited Holiday is fast approaching!

It's a baby Santa photo.  It's actually a photo of my baby daughter, who was 5 months old back then (that was December of 2009).  The Santa costume was c/o my sister-in-law (and her godparent).  We were all very excited to take a picture of her in this suit. And even though we all know that she was feeling hot in the costume (it was on her in a few minutes, just for the picture taking purposes), I guess, with at the smile on hr face, she still enjoyed being the cutie baby Santa.  She enjoyed her first Christmas in this world.  And she's probably looking forward for the next one (me too!).  However, for now, we're searching for a perfect Halloween costume for her. Tehhhee! :D

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and blogging! :)

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  1. Too cute for words! I hope to see another Santa picture this coming Christmas ;) She must be a big girl now :)

    See you later for the purple week!

  2. Hehe...I hope there will be a Santa costume with her size, now she's one year old...heheee. :) tnx for the comment sis! :)