Thursday, September 9, 2010

GT: Purple on the Pre-Nup

The photographer of our Pre-Nuptial photos said that we could bring 3 sets of clothes for the pictorial.  The first set that we wore was the color of our wedding motiff-- I wore something pink, he wore something green.  The second set we wore was the imported black T-shirt he bought in Singapore which has a LOVE name on it (his has "LO" on it while I have the "VE" on when we walk together, the shirts would spell LOVE on it).  The third set we wore was something formal...and we weren't quite sure if it was appropriate because the venue was at La Mesa Ecopark.  But the shots were great.  Sharing to you some of our Pre-Nuptial photos in a formal dress with a nature background.  P.S.  I wore a purple long dress which my mother-in-law lent to me.

Happy Girls Talk meme reading and bloggiing! :)

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  1. aww too tweet ... love the second photo... if I were payat now I would wear one like this, lol..

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  2. awwww.. sweeet!!! i haven't worn a long dress out in public in forever. hee hee. love the dark shade of yours, though ;)


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